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Begin Pollution Prevention at Home!

August 26, 2010 By: Michael Jones Category: Oil Spill Cleanups

Pollution PreventionMost of us fail to realize that the effort to foster pollution prevention should begin right in our homes! A small action of ours in this regard can bring about a real positive difference. So how can you go about preventing pollution in your home? Here are some areas that you need to focus on to have a clean home and a cleaner environment.

Reduce waste

The first step in pollution prevention at home is to cut down on the waste that is being created. A simple key to this approach is to go for reusable products, such as rechargeable batteries, paper towels, and cloth bags. Rather than merely disposing yard and kitchen waste into the trash bins, you can think of composting it.

Conserve Energy & Water

Here are a few tips:
1. Look for energy efficient appliances. Also, proper maintenance is required to improve the energy efficiency of your appliances.
2. Ensure to keep a constant check on your car’s emission.
3. Never forget to turn off the lights while leaving your room.
4. Last but not least, take some effort to preserve our precious resource – water! Remember to turn the tap off when not in use.

Use Environmentally-friendly Products

It’s good for you as well as for the planet, if you opt for eco-friendly household products. For instance, you can choose to use baking soda and water to clean your clothes rather than using bleach. If you change your own engine oil see to that you recycle the used oil at a nearby service station. In case, there is an oil spill, use eco-friendly products such as Oil Gone Easy S-200 to cleanup oil spill in a safe way without the use of chemicals.

Proper Disposal of Hazardous Wastes

Disposal of toxic products such as mercury from thermometers and paints, solvents, and batteries needs some special attention. You can inquire a local government environment official and find out the nearest hazardous waste disposal site for proper disposal of the waste.

Just keep it in your mind to follow these simple tips that can aid in pollution prevention to a great extent!

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